The Author


To put it simply is a Woman who has a desire to only please God. Monica is a Mother first to only one son, Andre whom she loves dearly. Monica has been serving the Lord for over 20 yrs and has served in many area’s of ministry in the span of those 20 years. She has always been very content to be in the back ground serving without ever being seen or heard. Quite frankly, Monica was very content with being in the back occasionally being seen but almost never heard. The Lord began to slowly remove her from those things that made her comfortable or”her Comfort Zone.” 
Monica attended and graduated from The Sonship School of the First Born (School of Ministry.) It was during her “Journey to Purpose”, that she was lead to Memphis TN,  where she currently serves at Divine Life Church under the covering and leadership of Apostle Tony Wade and Executive Pastor Felecia Wade here she again finds hereself being stretched, pulled, and loved from “Her Confort Zone.”Currently she is actively serving as an Armor Bearer/Pastor’s Assistant, intercessor, and teaches discipleship classes when she is called upon. Monica is a Licensed Ordained Minister. Monica  currently serves in the role of a Chaplain, being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ; bringing True LIFE (Christ) to those who are at the end of their life. Many  have considered Monica to be a mentor in spiritual growth and trials.
It wasn’t until she was called to care for and serve her mother on her sick bed that the Lord began to cause an unusual prompting, shifting, and awakening in her very own human spirit (the express Image and Likeness of God), it was in her Human Spirit that she heard the audible voice of the Lord speak the very words “Kingdom Girl Rise”