Kingdom Girl Rise

You were Created in the image of God and after His likeness!  

"Kingdom Girl” it is time that you embrace your true Identity!

Our Mission

To awaken the Human Spirit (Image and Likeness of God) to the true call of God on your life. An awakening is needed in order to fulfill the plan, purpose and destiny that the Lord ordained for your life from the very beginning. For such a time as this it is time for every “Kingdom Girl to Rise” take your place and demonstrate the Culture of the Kingdom of God in  the earth. Now is the time to regulate and establish the call of God on your life in  whatever sphere of influence the Lord has called you to.

“Kingdom Girl Rise” was birthed out of a God given desire to encourage young ladies and women alike to “Rise Up” and take their place in the Kingdom of God as Joint Heirs to the throne along side Jesus Christ. There is a Clarion call and mandate to cause an awakening to the Human Spirit, which is the true Image and Likeness of God  (the real you). Once the human spirit is awakened, then Holy Spirit can begin to commune with the real you (your human spirit), thus causing you to better understand your God given purpose. Holy Spirit will cause you to discover the “Kingdom Girl” within you, the Woman of God that you were created to be from the very beginning. 

“Kingdom Girl,” you were created to have Dominion, Reign, Rule, Dominate, Out Class, Over achieve, and Excel in whatever area of influence that the Lord has allowed you to be in. The Lord has given you exceptional abilities, gifts, talents, unusual wisdom, insight, and supernatural understanding for whatever Good Works He has set before you. “Kingdom Girl it is time to Rise!”